The Open Archive

The Open Archive is a unique collection of over 1,900 hours of footage and programming dating back to 1898. Events within The R&A Film Archive include: The Open Championship, the Amateur Championship, the Boys Amateur Championship and the Walker Cup.

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Rights Available* All Media All Media
Territory Worldwide Worldwide
Restrictions See 'Further Information' N/A
Period 10 Years 10 Years
Available Hours 1600 300

*Further Information

All fooage and programming is licensed on a non-exclusive basis and subject to final approval.

International Sound is cleared for all footage and programming.

1898  footage (Park v Fernie match) can only be licensed in the UK and Ireland.


The Open Archive Trophy

The R&A is the governing body for golf within 126 countries across the World (bar the United States and Mexico - governed by the USGA) and organises The Open Championship – Golf’s oldest Major - along with other amateur and junior events.

In addition, The R&A assumes responsibility for the administration of the Rules of Golf with the consent of 143 organisations from the amateur and professional game, and on behalf of over 30 million golfers in 126 countries throughout Europe, Africa, Asia-Pacific and the Americas.

1898  - The earliest known film of a professional golf match was shot at Musselburgh on 20th May 1898 and featured two past Open Champions – Willie Park Jr and Willie Fernie.

1902 - The Kinora Home Viewing System was first introduced in Britain in 1902.  Kinora reels made around 1911 of Harry Vardon, James Braid, J.H. Taylor, Alec Herd and George Duncan were marketed as the first golf instruction by moving image for use in the home.

1904The second earliest known film of a professional golf match was filmed at Murrayfield Golf Club on 30 July 1904 and featured Harry Vardon and James Braid.

1914The first known newsreel report of an Open Championship dates from 1914.

1930The first sound newsreel report of an Open Championship was in 1930.

1956 -  Both the Walker Cup and The Open were first broadcast live on television on the BBC in 1955 and the earliest surviving recording of The Open is from 1956.

1966 - The Open was broadcast live via satellite in America for the first time in 1966.

1969The Open was shown in colour on BBC2 for the first time in 1969 and then on BBC1 the following year. 

1970 - The first Official Film of The Open Championship was produced in 1970.

1976The Open was broadcast live in Japan for the first time in 1976.